Garage Floor Tiles


A portable and versatile system right down to the ground.

hopscotch 3 by 4 

GarageTek has created a versatile and superior tile system for garage flooring.  The specially engineered plastic tile uses a six-point interlock system for increased strength and durability.  These tiles are slip resistant and stain resistant, making your garage floor safe and easy to clean.  It floats above the floor for airflow to prevent mildew and trapping of water.

GarageTek also offers fun game boards, including hopscotch, shuffleboard, chess and checkers.  Talk with your design consultant to learn how to:

  • Cover stained concrete with patented tiles
  • Rely upon the only six-point interlock system for unmatched strength
  • Trust advanced engineering for superior safety and cleanliness
  • Express your personality through a selection of size, color and game board options

Review our garage tile flooring options (or GarageTek's new floor coatings) and then take the first step to reclaiming your garage. It's so easy to get started with the leaders in garage organization.  

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