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Long-lasting Beauty in One Day, Any Season


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Recent advances in garage floor coating technology and application techniques allow GarageTek to bring commercial-grade garage floor coatings to the residential market.  GarageTek's ProTek Floor Coatings are a one-of-a-kind garage floor finishing system that can be applied in a single day, any season of the year. Schedule a free in-home consultation. For a garage floor with unlimited patterns and built-in game floors, consider GarageTek's ProTek Floor Tiles.

Unmatched Performance

Unlike epoxy and other garage floor coatings that lay on top of the concrete floor like paint, ProTek Garage Floor Coatings saturate the concrete and bond into the pores of the floor. Our floor preparation process and 3-coat system create a permanent finish. ProTek floor coating is backed by a lifetime limited warranty.
The advantages of ProTek Coatings over epoxies and other hybrid polymer garage floor coatings are significant:
  • Single day installation during any season
  • Ready to walk on in 2-4 hours, drive on in 24 hours
  • Backed by a limited lifetime warranty
  • Environmentally friendly and virtually odorless installation
  • Four Times more abrasive resistant for longer wear
  • 100% UV resistance - won't yellow or fade
  • Easy to clean - resistant to stains, oils, salts and gasoline
  • Only system for vertical surfaces, including concrete, wood, metal and drywall
  • Create custom patterns and logos

Unique Design Options

You can create the garage of your dreams right down to the floor.You simply have three decisions:
  • The style:   Select between 1/4" for a granite looking finish of 1/16" for a quartz look.
  • The color:   Select from our standard eight colors or view any of more than 100 custom colors. For an extra special look, ask about our custom patterns.


Tan qtr inch  Saddle tan qtr inch  Gunflint qtr inch  Domino granite qtr inch 

Tan - 1/4"

Saddle Tan - 1/4"

Gunflint - 1/4"

Domino - 1/4"

Shoreline sxtnth inch  Saddle tan sxtnth inch  Khaki sxtnth inch  Gravel sxtnth inch 

Shoreline - 1/16"

Saddle Tan - 1/16"

Khaki - 1/16"

Gravel - 1/16"

Review our garage floor coating options and then take the first step to reclaiming your garage. It's so easy to get started with the leaders in garage organization.

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