Maximize Storage Space with GarageTek Wall Paneling

A cluttered garage creates many problems as it minimizes the parking space, finding items becomes difficult and reduces the functionality of your garage.

Including wall storage systems such as overhead racks and cabinets can help you organize your garage. Therefore, using the garage wall panels, you can maintain a clutter-free space.

What is Wall Paneling?
Wall Paneling means adding the panels on the walls to keep the space organized and appealing. The garage organization wall panels offered by GarageTek offers you durability, flexibility to use and convenience to install, and easy maintenance.

Reasons to Opt for Garage Wall Panels
If you are thinking why garage wall panels are necessary, go through the listed reasons to opt for wall panels for your garage.

  • Durable
    The moisture level of your garage and wear and tear caused by the tools may affect the condition of the panels. But the GarageTek’s wall panels are durable and are great for long-term use. These panels are rated excellent for maximum strength by UL. The UL labeling ensures safety.
  • Flexible to Use
    The wall panels offer you the flexibility to use them. It gives you garage a bright look and makes organizing various items easier.
  • Easy Installation
    The garage wall panels are easy to install as they are lightweight. You can either contact the contractors for installation or can install them yourself. If you want to do it yourself, you just need to screw them into the wall beams and slide into each other.
  • Insulation
    In winters, the uninsulated garages face a lot of problems as they become colder restricting the use of space. You can make the full use of your garage by installing the insulated wall panels. This helps improve the functionality and efficiency of space.

How to Use Garage Wall Panels
The GarageTek’s wall panels help you redesign your garage. You can give a new look to it by installing the panels. Once, you have installed them on the walls, you can use them to lift the garage items off the floor and clip them on the panels using the clips and hooks. By clipping the accessories, you can easily access them and keep them secure.

GarageTek Wall Paneling Collection
To make your garage free of clutter and transform its look, the GarageTek has some of the best garage organization wall panels.

  • TekPanel Kit
    The TekPanel kit is a 1-piece panel measuring 56” long. It comes with 10 screws for tight installation. It is used to repair the damaged wall panel that is already installed in your garage. You need to cut the damaged part and remove it. Cut this panel to the size of the damaged portion. Now fix it using the screws.
  • Outside Corner Trim-2 pcs.
    This outside corner trim has 2-pieces of trims that is 97” long angled trim at the right profile. It is used to cover and protect the already installed panels. It delivers a smooth and finished look. You can install it using the adhesives and white panel nails and fasten them to the slatwall panel.
  • TekTrak Wall Channel Kit-8 Pcs.
    The TekTrak wall channel kit has 8 pieces that measure 64” long, 100 screws, and 8 end caps. If you own a 2-car garage, this kit is perfect for you to maximize the storage space of your garage.

These are some of the GarageTek’s wall paneling solutions. Browse the site for more options. Choose the one that is suitable for your garage and make it functional and attractive.