George B.-St. Paul, MN

“I love, love, love my GarageTek garage system.  It looks as beautiful as the day it was installed.  Great product; great service”.

Nick & Michelle P.-Roanoke, VA

“I never imagined this garage project could turn a room that was a disaster to what is easily my favorite room in the house”

Jay & Rose P.-Baltimore, MD

“They designed it, they installed it, and we LOVE it”

Rosemarie K.-Columbus, OH

“This by far is the best home improvement”

Larry from Lafeyette, CO

“My experience was good. They performed the job as they said they would. The quality was good. There were 4 guys here doing the work” See more

Diana from Fredon, NJ

“The experience turned out very good. The stuff is great, the materials are great, it looks terrific and it has lasted 8 years so far. They put stuff all over the walls, new shelves, new cabinets and paneling on the wall that allows us to hang things. They also do garage flooring too that protects…

Michelle from Newton Center, MA

“We loved GarageTek so much that when we moved, we moved all out accessories with us. We had them one mount walls in our new place so that we could start using them again. Easy to use flexible system, loved Bill who set us up both times, would use them again no question!”

Erika Lopez-Charlotte, NC

“My kids stuff was filling my garage, I got tired of having to park my car outside in the rain.  We called GarageTek, the designer was professional, helpful and pleasant.  The entire experience was unlike any home renovation we have ever experienced.  The end result was beyond our expectations.  I am happy to report that…

Francis from Villanova, PA

“I had a very good experience with them. They had a complete line to do the inside of my garage.”

Gary from Pinellas Park, FL

“They did a fantastic job. It was economical. It was a really good deal. The quality of work was superb. The recommendations were great. They didn’t push it and said that why didn’t we go with a certain amount and if we wanted more, we could get back to them so they weren’t pushy. They…