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It’s time for a garage storage makeover

When you’re in need of a new attitude towards Florida garage storage, it’s time to call the professionals at GarageTek of Northwest Florida. We understand that a garage is more than one of the most neglected spaces in any home, and it can become an absolute haven for everything from dust, dirt, and mildew, to long-forgotten treasures and items you thought had been lost forever. Whether you want to make the most of the your garage space by clearing out the unnecessary items and finding creative solutions to maximize your storage potential, or you’d like to put your garage

Garage Storage Cabinets
Garage Storage Cabinets

to better use by turning it from a storage closet into a well-designed room that truly feels like part of the home, we have a solution for you.

If you’re looking for Florida garage organization services, you’ve come to the right place. At GarageTek of Northwest Florida, our experts are not only accredited by the area’s Better Business Bureau, we’ve been ranked the #1 system by an elite consumer ranking magazine, and are proud to be a member in good standing of a number of national and local organizations. Whether you’re dealing with a tiny addition that seems to small to truly be of much use, or a sprawling space that can’t help but attract years worth of dust, dirt, and clutter each month, a call to our expert team will help you reorganize your extra space, and take back control of your life.



Skilled, Professional Technicians with GarageTek of Northwest Florida

GarageTek of Northwest Florida prides itself on the exemplary service we provide our customers.  You can be sure we deliver as promised.  From beginning to end, we know you will be thoroughly impressed with the professionalism of our team.  Our combination of sophisticated project management and focus on precision leads to your complete satisfaction.

GarageTek of Northwest Florida installers have seen it all.  After tens of thousands of installs, there is nothing they cannot handle.  From bare studs to cement walls, our experienced team will work with exacting standards to transform your garage.  In addition to the wall panels, decorative trim is added around every door and window.  Your garage will have the same fit and finish as any room inside your home.

GarageTek of Northwest Florida offers a team that will WOW  you as much as the garage organization system.


Garage Organization Ideas

In the photo gallery below are just are just a couple of ideas of how the designers at GarageTek of the Northwest Florida can solve common garage organization issues. Here in Florida the garage is the largest storage space in the home and asked to accommodate the entire household overflow of stuff. Many of our customers surrender to the notion that it has to be a disorganized mess and that the cars have to spend their useful lives rotting in the driveway! At GarageTek we love our cars and think that they should be allowed to be parked in the garage. Things like bikes, boards, tools, golf clubs, and all the paper towels from the warehouse stores should have a place too! Take a look at some of our solutions that allow you to use every inch of usable space while increasing curb appeal and turning your garage into the most efficient room in the house.

garagetek-of-west-coast-florida-garage-storage           garagetek-of-west-coast-florida-garage-organization

garage-storage-organization-garagetek-of-west-coast-florida          garage-organization-storage-garagetek-of-west-coast-florida

         GarageTek of West Coat Florida Before           GarageTek of West Cost Florida After

If you ready to face up to the reality that you have allowed your garage to control you, rather the other way around, it’s time you call GarageTek garage organization consultant! For GarageTek of Northwest Florida your garage is not an afterthought or an orphan room! We treat your garage like it is 20% of the space in your home you are actually paying for that until now is dragging down the value of your investment! For less then what our clients typically pay for the furniture in the living room which they rarely use, we can transform the one room in your hose in which everyone in your neighborhood sees and that your in six times a day and all weekend. Wouldn’t be wonderful to actually love the space you used to hating! Call GarageTek today and schedule your free in home consultation, and prepare to feel good about a home improvement for a change.


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