Lawn and Garden Lifestyle Kit-Version V

Lawn & Garden Lifestyle Kit – Version V 1


The GT514 Lawn and Garden Lifestyle Kit – Version V is a suggested grouping of GarageTek accessories which includes:
1 Bin Docking Station (GT3011E)
6 Medium Bins GT3006E)
7 Hanger Hooks (GT4014E)
1 Shoe Shelf (GT7006E)
1 Paper Towel Holder (GT4015E)
2 48 inch Shelves (GT7005E)
2 Deep Baskets (GT4004E)
1 Single Handled Tool Holder (GT4008CE)
2 In-Line Tool Holders (GT4013E)
1 Folding Table with Resin Top (GT1301E)

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Product Description

Lawn and Garden Lifestyle Kit-Version V (GT514E)

The GT514E Lawn and Garden Lifestyle Kit-Version V is a suggested grouping of GarageTek accessories which includes 3 shelves 2 baskets 4 bins 2 in-line tool holders 1 towel rack 7 hooks and 1 single long handled tool holder centered around a folding table with a resin top. It attempts to maximize your storage space for lawn garden tools and supplies in a defined limited space. This Folding Table setup (as opposed to the Wall Mount Table setups) would be the recommendation when having limited space on the side walls or back wall to accommodate the 24″ table top depth. An alternative to this Lawn Garden Lifestyle Kit are other versions starting with GT510 and continuing through GT515. GT 510 Version I and GT511 Version II focuses around the Lawn Garden Rack. GT512 Version III and GT513 Version IV focuses around the Wall Mount Table. GT514 Version V and GT515 Version VI focuses around the Folding Table. All of these setups are very versatile and allows you the choice of which one would best fit your needs and lifestyle. These accessories are GarageTek proprietary products available only through our dealers and this store. This is one of the many GarageTek Lifestyle Kits which has the goal of combining best practices for using the GarageTek accessories for a specific activity or use. i.e., . Lawn Garden such as this kit Open Storage organizing sports equipment bike storage, etc.  The TekPanel and/or TekTrak is sold separately.

Additional Information

Weight98 lbs
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Each accessory is indivudually rated.

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Installation Requirements

Installs on GarageTek Tekpanel or TekTrak.


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