Starter Garage Package (STARTER1CAR)

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The STARTER1CAR Starter Garage Package contains:
1 TekPanel kit 122 sqft/box (GT10001-105E)
4 TekTrak kits 16ft/box (GT10008-50E)
1 Yellow Base Molding (GT10002E)
1 Inside Corner (GT10003E)
1 1″ Trim (GT10005E)

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Product Description

Starter Garage Package

The GarageTek ‘Starter Package’ does exactly that, it will get you started down the path toward eventually renovating your entire room!

Most of our starter customers focus on important issues in their  spaces, whether it is a workbench area (click for workbenches) or perhaps doing something with their kids bikes and sporting goods (click for activity racks).

The GarageTek starter kit allows you to easily solve issues you may have easily and on budget!

TekPanel is simple to install. A full installation manual with pictures to assist with the process is also included. The TekPanel lengths are easy to work with and fit together tongue and groove like a vertical hard wood floor. The TekPanel features a horizontal groove every three inches that receive the large menu of modular accessories offered by GarageTek to solve your garage organization and storage issues.

Once you Garage back wall is clad with TekPanel and side walls with TekTrak you have a ‘blank canvass’ that you can accessorize to your individual needs! You can then move all the modular accessories whenever you like, where ever you like, for the life of your residency. 100% of GarageTek clients move their garages around after the initial install, because they can.

The starter package comes with 1 box of TekPanel, 4boxes of TekTrak, screws and trim molding pieces you will need to complete your one car garage renovation (approx. 122 sq. ft TekPanel and approx. 64 ft. of TekTrak)

Assembly Difficulty-Minor


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