Wall Cabinet Grouping Kit-Version II

Wall Cabinet Grouping Kit – Version II 1


The GT541E Wall Cabinet Grouping Kit-Version II contains:
1 Paper Towel Rack (GT4015E)
1 Wall Mount Table with Butcher Block Top (GT1307E)
1 Duo Wall Cabinet Lifestyle Kit (GT540E)
1 Multi Small Tool Holder (GT2020E)

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Product Description

Wall Cabinet Grouping Kit-Version II (GT541E)

The GT541E  Wall Cabinet Grouping Kit-Version II is a grouping of two Wall Cabinets a Wall Mount Table with Bamboo Table Top a paper towel holder and a small multi tool holder.   Purchasing set together as a Lifestyle Kit provides with a much more economical purchase. Kits are offered at a 10% discount from purchasing all the pieces individually. This pair of Wall Cabinets can used above a workbench or table in garages with 9-10 ft. ceilings. This allows space between the table top and the bottom of the cabinets. For lower ceilings the Mini Cabinets might be a more appropriate choice because you will have more space between the table top and the cabinet bottom. One entire wall of my garage is lined with these wall cabinets. Under the cabinets are several bike racks a wall mounted table and several shelves on one end. Each cabinet has it’s “special” storage purpose so we know just where to go to store something or find something. They can be installed on Tekpanel or TekTrak. An alternative to this GT541E Wall Cabinet Grouping Kit – Version II is GT540E Wall Cabinet Lifestyle Grouping – Version I. Version I which does not include the Wall Mounted Table with the Butcher Block Table Top the paper towel holder or the small multi tool rack. The TekPanel and/or TekTrak is sold separately.

Additional Information

Weight160 lbs
Dimensions24 × 54.5 × 36.5 in
Product Load

Each accessory is indivudually rated.

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Installation Requirements

Installs on GarageTek Tekpanel or TekTrak.


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