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Full-Size, Wall-Mount Cabinet



Weight 89 lbs
Dimensions 27.25 × 17.00 × 68.25 in

Weight Capacity

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About this item

  • Includes all components for a full-size cabinet to mount onto TekPanel with two top LGSLT brackets and a bottom cradle for exceptional durability
  • Three powder-coated, steel shelves with brackets adjustible to any one of 38 locations
  • One door bin adjustable to any one of 60 locations for another convenient storage option (2 bins shown, extra bins available)
  • Construction ensures that the cabinet will not scratch, warp, dent or rust – perfect for the changing temperatures within the garage
  • Unique cabinet body panels and connectors snap together in the four corners to make a garage-tough, rigid assembly
  • Loop in handles allows for adding a lock to keep items safe and secure
  • Off-the-floor mounting allows for easy garage cleaning
  • Lifetime warranty