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It’s Easy To Get A Garage Storage Makeover In Minnesota.

As a homeowner, you feel proud of your home and enjoy welcoming friends, guests, and family into your house, too. However, when it comes to your garage you may feel shy and embarrassed. So many people find maintaining this part of their property a difficult task. With garage storage systems from GarageTek of The Twin Cities | Minneapolis, it’s easy to get a quick and affordable makeover! We’re rated No. 1 in our industry, helping hundreds of families reclaim space in their home!

When it comes to design, we have hundreds of options. From cabinetry to custom shelving and over 100 unique accessories, we can create perfect garage storage systems to organize any family with experienced craftsmen who have an eye for design, we can introduce you to the solutions we feel best suit your needs and your budget.

Our installations guarantee high quality workmanship. We pride ourselves in long lasting and sturdy solutions so you can make the most out of your investment. Every installation is a custom job and takes as little as one to two days to complete! Our work is also backed by a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee so you can be assured that your new shelving and cabinetry will last and last.

You have waited long enough to address the mess in your home. Start getting organized today with perfect garage storage systems from GarageTek of The Twin Cities. Call and schedule your free consultation now! We look forward to helping you create a more clean and comfortable space!



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"I love, love, love my GarageTek garage system.  It looks as beautiful as the day it was installed.  Great product; great service".
- George B.-St. Paul, MN