GarageTek wall systems and accessories are manufactured using the highest quality materials and to exact tolerances.  Our quality standards have been developed over many years of experience. We use premium virgin thermoplastics and steel.  Finishes are those typically applied to industrial products. Materials and workmanship are warranted against manufacturing defects for life. 
GarageTek accessories which are electrical or electronic in nature have a limited warranty of 1 (one) year. This includes such items as light fixtures and laser parking guides.
What is not covered under this limited warranty?
Exclusions to this limited warranty apply to products or system components that have been assembled incorrectly, used inappropriately, abused, misused or altered.
For example, a shelf may be UL rated at 40 lbs capacity. (To qualify for this rating, the shelf is actually tested and has to hold 160 lbs.)  However, the shelf is loaded with 1000 lbs of ceramic tile and over time it gradually deforms under this load.  This would not be covered under the warranty and would be characterized as being used inappropriately or misused.
Another example might be about several cabinets that are installed on a back garage wall and while driving a car into the garage, the driver’s foot slips off the brakes and drives into the cabinets, damaging them severely. Again. this would not be covered under the warranty and would be characterized as being abused.
These examples may sound extreme, but have actually happened.
What do I do to file a warranty claim?
Please contact us by email or phone as soon as you realize there is a problem. If using email, include your name, order number, an explanation of the problem and whether you need a refund or replacement. We will advise on how to proceed.
Replacement product will be delivered at no extra cost to you.
Defective product may be requested to be returned or we may request for you to email pictures.  We will pay the shipping cost of returning defective product.