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The Garage Organization Systems Experts of GarageTek in Westchester County

In your home,what would you consider your dirtiest, least organized room? No, it is not your teenagers bedroom. Most people have disorganized and disorderly garages. You may have simply lacked the time necessary to clean and organize it. To get it done right and never need to attend to it again, garage organization systems from GarageTek of Westchester County can permanently solve your problems and even help you reclaim space to park your car! Our team of experienced craftsmen are rated No. 1 for improvements to this part of your home.

When you work with us, a design consultant arrives at your home to assess what kind of storage cabinetry you will need. We take into account not only capacity but also weight of your home tools, storage, and other belongings. We will create a custom design based on your unique needs and work within your budget. In about 1-2 days, your space will be completely transformed and you’ll have an organized solution permanently installed in your home! Al the work we perform is also backed by a 100 percent customer satisfaction guarantee.

As a nationwide franchise founded in 2001, our franchise has transformed garages throughout Westchester County. We continue to create perfect garages, places that actually make feel better about your home. To learn more about our services or for a FREE in home consultation in Westchester County, garage organization and storage systems from GarageTek of Westchester County are just a call away. We look forward to introducing you to the possibilities.




Your choice of two superior cabinets from GarageTek of Westchester County

Whether you garage is jam-packed with tools or household products, your belongings will be well-preserved in these cabinets which come in a range of size and materials.

The GarageTek of Westchester County ClassicLine of resin cabinets offer a resin base that will never rust, scratch, or dent.  The metal shelves inside the cabinets provide maximum strength.  And, the neutral color of these cabinets will also coordinate with the décor of any home.

The SignatureLine series of metal cabinets offer a sleek design and superior durability.  Available in two finishes, black and stainless steel,  you can add function and beauty to this garage.  The various cabinet heights and depths offer tremendous storage capacity to your garage.



Two revolutionary flooring options from GarageTek of Westchester County

GarageTek’s team of experts are uniquely qualified to understand the challenges of getting and keeping a garage floor that is extraordinarily strong, stain and slip resistant as well as easy to clean.  Once again, to provide products that were up to our quality standards, GarageTek of Westchester County had to create  new solutions never offered to consumers.

Now you can choose between GarageTek’s ProTek floor coatings or floor tiles.  Each system has the quality and beauty you demand.  Like the entire GarageTek of Westchester County system, our flooring is custom designed and versatile, with many colors and patterns to choose from.





Services offered by GarageTek Westchester County

Do you find yourself endlessly searching for your tools or sports equipment?  Does it seem as though there’s never enough space in your garage for both your vehicles and your projects?  Your garage should support your lifestyle; it shouldn’t stand in your way.  At GarageTek of Westchester County, we help  homeowners just like you transform boring, disorganized, and impractical garages into highly functional, great-looking work and storage spaces they’ve always dreamed of.

Professionals You Can Trust

The professionals at GarageTek of Westchester County believe you deserve the most for your most for your home improvement investment.  When you hire us, you can expect meticulous workmanship and outstanding customer service.  We know that a solid reputation is key to our continued success, so we work hard to earn your trust and loyalty.

Create a custom workspace.  Get organized.  Better protect your vehicles and equipment.  If you can dream it, GarageTek of Westchester County can build it.  Contact us request an estimate, and take the first step toward the garage makeover you’ve always wanted.

We don’t need to tell you how out of control a garage can get.  With tools scattered every which way, all kinds of nails and screws mixed in with each other across the floor, bike parts here and there and piles of old photographs and keepsakes, the garage can often be the messiest part of the house.  But at GarageTek of Westchester County, we offer local homeowners the chance to clean up their garages.  Our garage cabinetry is designed to off the storage yu need to keep tabs on your tools, keepsakes, and collectibles.

So Many Options

At GarageTek of Westchester County we don’t limit our custom garage cabinetry to just one size or one material.  From wood to aluminum, we offer a wide variety of options to suit your needs.

Get Organized

Our garage cabinetry can help you make the most of your space while keeping your garage neat and orderly.  In fact, think of new garage cabinetry as an investment in your comfort, safety, and sanity.  To learn more about the garage cabinets we offer or to request an estimate, contact GarageTek of Westchester County today.

Your garage probably sees its fair share of abuse.  From heavy vehicles and equipment to oil spills and stains, your garage flooring is bound to take a beating as the years go by.  So if you’re in the market for a new garage floor, come to GarageTek of Westchester County.  We offer a wide variety of garage flooring options to suit your needs, and at prices that are reasonable and competitive.

At Your Service

At GarageTek of Westchester County, we strive to provide exceptional service.  No matter the size or layout of your garage, we’ll be happy to suggest and install a custom flooring solution designed to withstand wear and tear.  We understand that new flooring is a significant investment, so we’ll take the time to walk you through your options and then provide you with the meticulous installation you deserve.

Treat your garage to flooring that’s built to last.  Call today for more information or to schedule an estimate.




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