Are all the products offered by GarageTek included on this on-line store?

No, all of our products are not offered on-line. With the introduction of the store, there were a limited amount offered, but more items are being added on a regular basis. Some items are not planned to be sold on-line. These would include products we feel are beyond the skill level of a DIYer or local contractor to install properly. These would also include those items which are difficult / expensive to ship on an individual basis. For these items it is in your best interest to contact the nearest GarageTek dealer. We suggest subscribing to the GarageTek Store emails. They will alert you as new items are added.

What is the warranty of the products?

The warranty of GarageTek products purchased through this on-line store is stated on the product warranty page. Most products have a limited life time warranty. Electronic items typically carry a lesser warranty or 1 to 2 years. On the menu at the bottom of each store page is a link to our warranty policy.

Will I receive instructions on how to assemble and install the products?

Yes, if assembly or installation instructions are required, they will be included with your shipment. Each product page also specifies if assembly is required and the degree of difficultly. There is also a link to the instruction sheet(s) on each product page. You may want to preview them or replace ones that were lost.

Where else can I buy GarageTek products?

Most GarageTek products are proprietary designs and many are patented in the USA and overseas. These are available only through GarageTek dealers and this on-line store. To locate a local GarageTek dealer near you, visit the GarageTek Website.


Will I receive confirmation of my order and when it is shipped?

Yes, you will receive email confirmations upon placing the order and when it is shipped. The confirmation of shipping email will also contain the tracking number(s) if shipped UPS or via common carrier.

Do I have to order on-line?

No, before setting this on-line store, many product sales have been handled with emails. The store is intended to provide a more consistent, orderly experience for both you and us. If you prefer not ordering on-line, please feel free to contact us and we can handle the process on a more personal basis.

Can I change my order?

Once a order confirmation email has been sent to you there is only a short window of time, usually 1-2 hours before it is entered into the warehouse for picking and shipment. It is recommended you contact us by phone to check if the order can be changed.

What if I want to cancel my order?

The same answer applies as to the above “changing an order.”

Do you offer gift certificates and if so, how are they handled?

Yes, the link to purchase a gift certificate is on the main menu bar. Interestingly, gift certificates have been an important portion of our business. Whether for Father’s Day, a birthday, an anniversary or Christmas, wives and children have been giving husbands and fathers everything from a few accessories to complete installed systems.
You can purchase a gift certificate for any amount and are also given the choice of receiving the voucher code in an email or on a printed certificate in the mail (USPS).

Where is my order?

Orders are usually shipped within 3 days and when your order is shipped, you are sent an email which includes UPS or common carrier tracking information. If you don’t receive an email in a timely manner. you might want to check your spam folder. The shipping progress and scheduled delivery can be checked on the UPS or common carrier websites.


What cards / types of payment do we accept?

Our on-line Payment Provider is setup to accept credit / debit cards issued by Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.

Can I pay by any other method?

If you prefer not ordering on-line, please feel free to contact us and we can handle the process, including payment on a more personal basis.

When will I be charged?

When you reach the final billing page and enter your order, our on-line Payment Provider receives your credit card information and charges your account.


Will a sales tax be charged to my order?

Product shipped to New York state locations only will be charged a sales tax. This tax is charged based on the shipping address, not the billing address of your credit card. For example, if your credit card billing address is in Florida and you ordered product shipped to a New York address, sales tax is charged. The expectation for other states with a sales tax is that the customer claims the tax due on their income tax forms each year.


What are your delivery charges?

UPS and Common carrier delivery charges are based on the order weight and delivery zip code from our warehouse in New Jersey.

Where do you deliver to?

We deliver to anywhere in the continental US and Canada.

What will happen if I am not in when my order is delivered?

If your order requires a signature and you are not home to sign for it, UPS will leave a notice and will attempt to redeliver it the next business day. If your order does not require a signature and you are not available, your package will be left at the delivery address, ie front porch. If your order is being shipped by common carrier, you will be called ahead of time to setup an appointment for delivery.

What methods of delivery are used?

The majority of product is delivered by UPS. For larger items, common carrier may be used. The specific method for each product is noted on the product web page.


Can I return items I have ordered?

The SignatureLine products may not be returned. Other product may be returned with return postage paid by the customer. It is important to us that you’re entirely satisfied with your purchase and we understand there are reasons a return is desired.

How do I return items?

Please contact us by phone 866-664-2724 or email for instructions on how to proceed. Return shipping costs are your responsibility and a 10% to15% restocking may or may not be applicable.

Do I have to pay for return postage / return costs?

Yes, the cost of returning an item is your responsibility, except for product that was incorrectly shipped or received damaged. We will pay the return postage / return costs for product that was incorrectly shipped or received damaged.

What do I do if there is a damaged / wrong / missing item in my order?

Please contact us by email or phone as soon as you realize there is a problem. If using email, include your name, order number, an explanation of the problem and whether you need a refund or replacement. We will contact you on how to proceed. Replacement product for damaged / wrong / missing items will be delivered at no extra cost to you. Damaged or defective product may be requested to be returned or we may request for you to email pictures. We will pay the shipping cost of returning damaged or defective product.

Will I receive confirmation when you receive my return?

Yes, we will send you an email confirmation of the received product and the next action to be taken, whether it is a refund or shipment of a replacement item.