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GarageTek of Long Island and New York City knows garage organization. What is a clean garage? It’s organized, but it’s so much more. It’s the kind of clean that makes you feel as good in your garage as you do in your kitchen. The GarageTek organization and storage system is a masterful combination of elegant styling, advanced engineering and quality installation. We specialize in garage cabinets, shelving, floor coatings, and organization services to help make your garage perfect.

“This is, hands-down, the best project we have ever done. You kept us in the house we thought we had outgrown. You’re the best!”

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Customer Reviews

“This was great.  GarageTek did an excellent job.  It was an expensive project; however, it is worth every penny.  The staff were helpful and answered all our questions.  Even though we had seen drawings of what the project would look like when completed, we were not prepared for the finished product!  GarageTek exceeded our expectations.  We love the GarageTek system.”
- Lisa from Locust Valley, NY

“The service was great. They were prompt, reliable and there were no surprises. Everything has pretty much lasted like it was supposed to. My interaction with them was good.”
- David from Lawrence, NY

“The experience was fine. They did exactly what they said they were going to do on time and for whatever the quote was. The cost was fair. Their punctuality was fine.”
- Steve from Syosset, NY

“The service went great. Two technicians came out and completed the job in 2 days. They did everything as promised and completed the project as scheduled. They even came out a day early for the service. They were great at cleaning up after themselves. The pricing was a little higher but the quality of service is well worth it. I had no problem at all scheduling the service and they entire project went smoothly. I would highly recommend the company to others.”
- Barry from Hewlett, NY