Organizational Tips

When you select GarageTek, you are on your way to going from cluttered and dangerous to clean and safe!  The most important part is to focus on your organizational needs and the desired uses for your garage.  Here are a few simple steps that will enable you to have the world’s cleanest garage forever more.

    Take some time prior to your installation to assess what is currently stored in your garage.  A thoughtful review will enable you to remove all broken and unused items while  organizing your valuable possessions into specific groups.  Remove all existing organizational systems. Consider asking the whole family to work together so everyone can make their own decisions about their stuff.

    Each person has a personal style of organizing.  Some like to empty the entire garage and then return only items that they want to keep while others weed out unwanted items as they organize them into piles. Regardless of your approach, be sure to look at everything in the garage and determine if it goes in the Store, Donate, Recycle or Dump pile.  Depending on the level of clutter in your garage, you may consider a dumpster and even share one with a neighbor who too wants to clean up the garage.  Visit for a recycling collection facility near you.

    As part of your decision to install a GarageTek Organization System, you have planned for the uses for your garage – be it parking the car, storage, or creating an area for kids to play or do a hobby, or all of the above.  As you sort through your garage contents, be sure to keep the various zones in mind, including:
    – Childrens’s sports equipment and toys
    – Cleaning products and chemicals
    – Household/Pantry supplies
    – Lawn and Garden
    – Memorabilia and collectibles
    – Seasonal storage
    – Workshop
    Be methodical, as the more things that you can place together in related groups, the easier it will be to see what you want to keep , what you have in duplicate and what you no longer want or need.  Adopt the rule that if it hasn’t been used for 12 months you don’t need it.

    To protect your belongings that will be stored in the garage from climate changes as well as  unwelcome pests, particularly paper and fabric, place items in labeled plastic bins.  This approach will help you know exactly what is inside and give you an ability to easily find what you need once these items are stored in GarageTek overhead racks, shelves and cabinets.

    Safety is the cornerstone of every element of the GarageTek Storage System.  We have been committed  to ensuring that homeowners address the hidden dangers in the forgotten room to prevent avoidable accidents.  With the installation, you will be able to keep your family safe by meeting these three goals: get everything off the floor, install slip-resistant flooring, and ensure adequate lighting particularly right outside the doors.  Get a free checklist and many tips in our Garage Safety section of the site.

    Once you have just what you need in your garage, place all items in the center of the garage so the installation team can easily get to work.  In 1-2 days, you will have the GarageTek Organization System and everything will be ready to put away.  You cannot imagine the feeling of accomplishment.  No more trash, no more dirt, and no more clutter.