Now-a-days you’ll find a garage in most of the homes, but according to the experts, many of them have no adequate parking area. The entire space is occupied by the clutter, leaving no practical area to park a vehicle or utilize alternatively. In this case, the only solution is to properly organize your garage to create some functional space.

Surely, it would be helpful to organize your garage, but it won’t remain organized unless you install a proper storage system in place. If you’re searching for the best garage storage systems, GarageTek can offer you the best systems and some good ideas to maximize the practical space in your garage.

Garage Storage Solutions

Apart from storing automobile tools, you can also utilize your garage to store additional household, sports, or gardening necessities. Here are some great options for you to organize your garage.

Garage Storage Solution

Cabinets and Shelving

The garage storage cabinets and shelves make the easiest way to unclutter the space. You can use the walls of your garage for storage. By installing the shelves, you will get a quick view of the items you’ve kept and conveniently access them. The storage shelves are versatile and suitable for both small and large garages. Additionally, a wall cabinet can be installed. The floor cabinets are suggested for larger garages as they require more space for opening the door. These cabinets and shelves are ideal for storing items like oil bottles, tool kit, shoes, cleaners, etc.

Cabinets & Shelving

Sports Activity Racks

GarageTek presents you a wide variety of garage storage racks for your sports equipment. If you’ve ski boards and accessories, adjustable double ski rack makes a right choice for you. It includes a set of ski holders and hooks for handing poles, gloves, bag, etc. You can save the floor space by hanging your bike on the wall in horizontal or vertical direction using the bike organization rack. Your footballs, badminton or other equipment can be arranged on the hobby sports center rack.

Sports Activity Racks

Garden Activity Racks

Organize your gardening essentials in the garden activity racks available at GarageTek. A multi long handle tool holder lets you hang handled tools such as spades and brooms. The handyman rack is a multipurpose storage solution.

Garden Activity Racks

Hooks, Racks, and Clips

The tools are a necessity in any garage, so keep them handy and organized in a tool holder. Install a paper towel holder close to your workbench to easily access the tissue or towel to keep your hands clean. Don’t forget to add a hat and coat rack to hang your garage clothing.


GarageTek has many more storage options that will help you unclutter and organize your garage. So, must check out the website.