Cleaning Your Garage Floor

There are several different methods that can be used to clean a GarageTek Modular Floor.

If the floor is not cleaned for a long period of time, salts and dirt may have accumulated becomeĀ ground into it. Vehicle oils and fluids may have leaked onto it over time will become more difficult to remove.

Four methods of “deep” cleaning are shown and discussed below

  1. Cleaning yourself by hand scrubbing.
  2. Cleaning yourself using a power washer.
  3. Cleaning yourself using a rotary floor machine.
  4. Hiring a cleaning service (Like Stanley Cleaners) to clean using rotary machine.


Garage floor cleaning

Using a Rotary Floor Machine

Using a rotary floor machine (methods 3 & 4 above) to clean a badly soiled garage floor is probably the least obvious choice but the fastest, most efficient method and does an excellent job. (These are machines you typically see in movies where they are cleaning hallways in office buildings.)

Rotary floor machines can be rented or will be used if you hire a “cleaning service” to clean the garage floor. If renting, make sure they have a reasonably soft bristled padĀ for your cleaning project. If you are hiring a cleaning service, the time from start to finish for cleaning a two car garage will be less than an hour.