Cropblue Garage Storage System

Garage Storage Zones

The garage is one of those areas that can easily become a cluttered, disorganized mess. To make your garage more usable and maximize storage space, take a look at this organizing system.

As all neat freaks know, “a place for everything and everything in its place” is the key to staying organized. This six-zone system suggested by NAPO follows that mantra by setting up distinct zones for different purposes (outdoor gear, bulk storage, etc.). The zones are also ordered according to how often you might need to reach them. The zones are:

  1. Transition Zone: Shoes, jackets, bags, and other stuff you grab before leaving the house
  2. Need It Now: Everyday stuff like canned food, bulk food items, large packs of paper towels, etc.
  3. Long, Tall, Thin Storage: Rakes, shovels, and similar yard stuff to be hung on the walls
  4. Large Item Storage: Things like holiday decorations and camping gear that are rarely used
  5. Frequently Used Items: Outdoor gear and sports equipment placed near the garage door for easy access
  6. Workspace: A workbench and cabinets for your hobby, whether it’s gardening or woodworking

Of course, these are all just suggestions, and the zones you might need may differ. Still, it’s a template you can use to get your garage organized so you can actually find what you need in there when you need it.