Protect Your Family from Poisoning

Garage Safety Chemical Poisoning

Home Safety Council research shows the second leading cause of injury-related death in the home is by poisoning. Follow these guidelines to keep your family safe from toxins:

1.  Conduct an audit of every container in the garage to identify toxic materials. Toxic materials include:

  • garden pesticides
  • automotive fluids
  • lighting fluids (for grills)
  • paints
  • paint thinners
  • paint removers
  • many household cleaners

2.  Dispose (properly) of as many toxins as possible

3.  Throw out products that are:

  • unlabeled or of unclear usage
  • past recommended usage date (printed on container)
  • inadequately sealed; obsolete (example: servicing a product you no longer own or use)
  • ineffective (example: you’ve switched to a better product)
  • insufficient (example: not enough solvent to complete a task)

4.  Store all products in original containers and accordance with the manufactures recommendations.

5.  Never transfer toxic materials to glasses or food containers, where it can be mistaken as food/beverage.

6.  Store hazardous products out of the range of children, in locked cabinets where possible.

7.  Dispose of any product that does not have clear usage, clean-up and emergency response directions.