Plug Into Safety

Read this checklist to learn how to make sure your garage is properly wired and safe from all electrical hazards:

  1. Make sure all electrical cords are in good condition. Replace any that are frayed, knotted or coiled.
  2. Do not attach extension cords to baseboards or walls with nails or staples.
  3. Check electrical ratings on appliance cords and extension cords. Make sure all appliances are carrying proper loads.
  4. Outdoors, use only extension cords marked specially for outdoor use.
  5. Use child resistant outlet covers on wall outlets if children live in or visit your home.
  6. Check for safety certificates from recognized testing organizations such as Underwriters Laboratories (UL) on all electrical appliances, cords and fixtures.
  7. Follow manufacture’s recommended for power usage. Use extension cords only temporarily. Remove extension cords when finished.
  8. Keep all electrical-powered appliances and equipment dry and away from exposure to water.
  9. Install locks on all electrical supply boxes.
  10. Remove build-ups of trash, spider webs and dust which can interfere with electrical current.