Stop Fires Before They Start

The third leading cause of accidental death in the home is by fire. At least 80 percent of all burn fatalities occur in the residence. You can protect your family by following these easy steps:

  1. Store minimal gasoline in the garage. Keep tightly sealed and out of the reach of children. Never store indoors, because of highly flammable vapors.
  2. Do not store gasoline in the garage where there is an appliance with a pilot light.
  3. Be careful not to overload electrical outlets, extension cords and power strips.
  4. Check all wire and cords for damage and cover all unused electrical outlets.
  5. Keep volatile chemicals, such as fertilizers and turpentine, in their original containers in a locked storage area in the garage.
  6. Dispose of flammable materials, including old newspapers, excess clothing and dirty rags.
  7. Mount a fire extinguisher in the garage area. Train yourself and family members how to use it. Conduct drill twice annually with all family members.
  8. Install a working smoke alarm in the garage. Test upon installation and every three months.

Special Care for Combustibles

  1. Follow safety recommendations for usage, such as wearing gloves and masks.
  2. Do not mix products, to avoid risk of explosion.
  3. Store pool chemicals according to manufacture’s instructions. Read and follow usage instructions.
  4. Store chemicals in locked cabinets out of sight and out of reach of children.
  5. Store in original containers. Check for proper sealing.
  6. Keep products dry and isolated from other chemicals and products.