Garage Safety: Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

 Carbon Monoxide

Create a Gas-Free Garage

One of the most serious hazards in the garage is from contained toxic gases. Follow these suggestions and you will be sure to have a safe garage the whole family can enjoy.

  1. Never use a barbecue or gas grill indoors, inside a garage or in any enclosed porch.
  2. Never use electric generators inside the home, garage or other enclosed area.
  3. Do not warm up car in garage, and exit garage promptly after engine starts. (Leaving garage door open does not provide adequate ventilation).
  4. Even small engines, such as those in pressure washers, can cause carbon monoxide poisoning.
  5. Post all emergency response numbers by every telephone. Should you suspect carbon monoxide poisoning in your home, call emergency number immediately.
  6. Install carbon monoxide alarms on every level of your home, especially near sleeping areas.