Garage Safety: Organize and Store

Store and Organize

Organize That Garage!

A safe garage is an organized garage. Keeping your garage clean and organized will reduce risk of fire or household injury.

  1. Create order in your garage by designating zones for items stored in the garage. Then you will know where to find items and, even better, where to put them back. Some zone suggestions would be Lawn & Garden, Auto Care, Sporting Goods, Kids Corner, Pet Needs, and Household supplies.
  2. Throw out garage junk! Purge the items you no longer need, items that serve no purpose, and items that don’t work. Donate what’s usable, sell what you can, dispose what is left.
  3. Do not pile objects or material, as children may climb on piles to play.
  4. Hang shovels, rakes, lawn chairs, bikes and other sharp objects securely from pegs on a sidewall. Hang the sharp sides toward the wall.
  5. Designate a specific area for children’s things. Do not store balls, toys or other objects of interest to children near potentially dangerous areas.
  6. Provide a place for everything in your garage by properly securing cabinets and shelves to the wall.
  7. Install sturdy , ceiling mounted storage grids to keep seldom-used or seasonal items out of the way.