Garage Wall System


Garage Wall System

TekPanel-the technology behind the GarageTek System

GarageTek is the innovator and leader in the new category of professionally designed and installed residential garage organization wall systems.  The company’s products appeal to homeowners who want a neat, clean and usable garage but who lack the time or desire to “do it themselves.”

The first national brand of its kind, the GarageTek garage wall system is unlike any other garage organization or storage product on the market.  For starters, it’s a professionally designed system that is installed for homeowners.  What’s more, it’s based on a proprietary , patented product called TekPanel, which was originally invented for application in the retail environment.

The TekPanel Advantage: Strength and Versatility

The backbone of the GarageTek garage wall system is its patented TekPanel, a strong, glossy wall panel on which the other system elements are attached.  TekPanel is made from a highly durable thermoplastic material that’s amazingly like a hardwood floor, creating a seamless finish.  It’s been time-tested and used in “high abuse” retail store environments for years. Plus, GarageTek’s specially engineered clips on every accessory ensure even weight distribution on the panel and superior load-bearing capabilities.

While durability is a must for any garage storage system, one of the distinguishing advantages of TekPanel is its versatility:

  • Because the storage components and accessories are a snap to move around, consumers can rearrange their storage system depending on changing needs.  Unlike a wooden cabinet affixed to a wall, or a metal storage cabinet that’s been placed on the floor, GarageTek is not “static”-it can be reconfigured with ease.
  • GarageTek’s accessories are custom-made for the products they’ll be storing.  For example, a GarageTek bike rack has room for the bike, helmets, and backpacks (it’s not just two hooks for the bike wheels).  There are a wide variety of accessories, which can be purchased with the system or added on later.  Some accessory examples include: activity racks for lawn equipment, tools and sporting goods, sturdy shelving; workbenches; wall cabinets of varying sizes and capacities; large utility brackets and more.  Each piece is clearly identifiable and easy to reconfigure.  Cabinets are lockable for safety and security.  The beautiful styling and neutral colors make the GarageTek system a perfect blend with any home decor.

The Practicality of TekPanel

In addition to it’s durability and versatility, TekPanel has several inherent advantages over other materials commonly used for garage storage systems (i.e. wood of MDF):

  • TekPanel is waterproof, weatherproof, bug proof and fire rated.  It won’t warp or rot in the garage, which can be exposed to a range of elements
  • TekPanel is colored through with a glossy finish
  • TekPanel is easy to clean.  Simply remove the stored items and wipe it down


Base Molding Trim-2 pcs
GT10004E Outside Corner
GT10005 1″ TRIM
GT10006 2" Trim
GT10006 2″ TRIM