GarageTek Systems: Revolutionizing Garage Management

An efficient storage system is the easiest way to keep the garage clean and tidy.  It is also a great way to store your everyday tools in a systematic and an organized manner. In order to store everything in a systematic way, you need storage spaces such as garage shelves, pegboards, and bike racks. The GarageTek store provides its customers with a wide range of garage storage systems, allowing them to make judicious use of the space available.

Garage storage solutions from GarageTek offer the users with the following advantages:

  • Helps you find the right balance between accessibility and locked storage
  • Makes it easy for you to store your equipment with in-cabinet accessory storage options
  • These storage solutions help you make optimum use of available storage spaces within the garage

Also, GarageTek Systems offers an assortment of garage cabinets and storage shelving solutions. These solutions not only help you make efficient use of the available space, but also help you in keeping clutter at bay.

Some of the widely used storage equipment from GarageTek are:

  1. Hanger Hook (Four Pieces): These hanger hooks can be easily paired with GarageTek’s shelves measuring 24 and 48 inches. These can also be used with an overhead storage rack. These hooks can be securely locked and are tough enough to bear the weight of just about anything and can be used to hang tools such as chainsaws, weed removers, and leaf blowers. The hanger hook can be easily placed on the wall and allows you to access these tools on a weekly basis. As far as the construction of this hanger hook is concerned, it features a steel wire having a diameter of .225” and a powder-coated finish.
  2. Ceiling Systems: If the garage is spacious and has plenty of head room, it can be used to store the items that are used rarely (during a particular season). The state-of-the-art PowerTrak Ceiling Systems from GarageTek can be mounted directly and with ease.
  3. Wall Systems for Garage Organization: GarageTek is known for incorporating innovative designs in the new-launched segment of innovative wall systems These wall systems are tailor-made for people wanting to see a clean and tidy garage. GarageTek is here to serve you if you wish to see an organized garage, but lack the willingness to do it on your own. The mainstay behind GarageTek’s wall systems has been the company’s constant desire to innovate. GarageTek puts to use a specialized and patented TekPanel panel. It is made of a specialized thermoplastic material and has been designed to go the distance. A striking feature of these panels is their thermoplastic construction, giving them a seamless finish.

Managing the garage has always been a tedious process. Most people, in order to save time and money, tend to go about the entire process of garage organization and renovation all by themselves. It is advisable to seek professional help while managing the garage as it would help you plan everything systematically. With GarageTek, you can put to rest all your worries pertaining to garage management.