GarageTek’s Environmental Commitment


GarageTek is a Green Company

GarageTek is dedicated to family safety in every aspect of its global operations.  From product development through installation and the lifetime warranty, we implement environmentally sound practices and policies.  Rely on GarageTek for a clean, safe and organized garage. 

Avoiding Toxic Emissions
Although the air inside a home seems to be clean and healthy, it does not guarantee that it is safe and free from contaminants. GarageTek has specifically engineered products that ensure your family is not exposed to polluted air that can cause sickness. 

  • ProTek floor coatings are zero VOC (volatile organic compounds). Most other floor coatings do not make this commitment since it increases the product costs.
  • TekPanel, cabinets and floor tiles have zero out gassing which can be an issue for people with allergies. PVC window blinds, electrical wiring and shower curtains are typical examples of products which continue to out gas.
  • All painted products are powder coated which avoids adding solvents into the air with spray paint. With our coating, 100% solid paint pigments are electrically charged and attached to the part being painted. The item is then baked so the finish is very hard and durable.

Contributing to a Safe, Healthy Built Home
The garage can have hidden dangers.  Not with GarageTek.  

  • TekPanel, the backbone of the GarageTek system, is UL rated for both fire and strength to ensure family safety.
  • Floor tiles and coatings are slip resistant to avoid the most common garage accident. Also, the mold resistance of the tiles ensures a clean garage floor for years to come.
  • Lighting systems provide needed visibility in work areas and entry ways. In addition, GarageTek lighting units are UL certified to meet electrical appliance standards for construction and safety.

Conserving the World’s Natural Resources
GarageTek products are packaged to have a minimal impact on the environment. First, our bulk, master packing is done to minimize the total amount of required packaging.  In addition, as an installed system there is no need to use wasteful consumer oriented multi colored printed graphics on the packaging as used in a retail store.

 Committing to Effective Recycling
Adding recycled products can some times impact the integrity and durability of a manufactured product.  To meet our superior standards for consumer safety, all of our plastic components are virgin PVC without “reclaimed” materials which may have toxic compounds.   That is why all GarageTek products can be recycled without the concern of putting toxic materials back into the production cycle or environment.