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GarageTek Of  Middle Tennessee specializes in garage cabinets, floors, floor coatings, shelving, and organization services.

GarageTek’s authorized service center in Nashville knows garage organization. What is a clean garage? It’s organized, but it’s so much more. It’s the kind of clean that makes you feel as good in your garage as you do in your kitchen. The GarageTek organization and storage system is a masterful combination of elegant styling, advanced engineering and quality installation.

So, tell us your garage organization needs – big or small. We will deliver on our promise to give you the world’s cleanest garage.


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Customer Reviews

At first we were a little hesitant to move forward with a GarageTek System. At the time, the full installation was a little more than we wanted to invest but now after two years of living with the GarageTek System we consider it one of the best home improvement projects we have ever done and can not imagine living without it.
- Freedman Steele, Brentwood, TN