Organizing Your Gear

Organizing Your Gear

For all your fishing storage needs-1

Here at GarageTek, we are passionate about providing the right storage for your lifestyle and have been transforming garages in the United States for over fifteen years.

We offer a number of storage hooks, racks and other accessories to store all your fishing gear including rods, bags and nets.  In addition, we also offer storage solutions for your wall and ceiling as well as tiled and coated floors.

DIY or Complete Garage Makeover?

Our storage options can be purchased on our online store for DIY Installation.  We recommend that you purchase one of the kits that include TekPanel or TekTrak which is fixed to your garage wall and then all hooks, racks etc. simply click on to and can be moved around to suit your needs.


Or you can have Garagetek Design and install your entire garage which includes panelling walls, laying a tiled floor and installing a good range of cabinets, hooks, racks and shelves which can include fishing accessories. To find out more you may like to download our brochure. Download Brochure.


Design & Install Fishing Storage

We are very happy to chat through your Fishing storage requirements, give you a free, no obligation quote or answer any questions.  Contact us on either 866-664-2724 or at

 Visit for the complete line of products.