Garage Storage Solutions

GarageTek garage organization and storage solutions for your cleanest Home and Garage.
Garage Storage Solutions


A key premise of the GarageTek system is to get everything off the floor. This makes the room safer and easy to keep clean. The 100+ product options allow you to efficiently store anything and everything in the garage.

Diverse Cabinets & Shelves: The garage cabinet and shelving components available from GarageTek are unparalleled in the industry from both a diversity and flexibility perspective.
Your garage organizer will help you select an assortment of garage storage products that enable you to:

  • Balance the need between locked storage and accessibility
  • Optimize the garage storage potential with various shelving styles, lengths & weight capacity
  • Create a built-in look with coordinated cabinets & shelving units

Activity-Specific Racks: Innovation and specially engineered products are only available from GarageTek. During your complimentary design consultation, you will select the lifestyle accessories that meet your family’s specific needs. You will:

  • Rely on unmatched product strength with a full-length bracket and exclusive load-tested certification
  • Combine all your gear conveniently on sport-specific storage centers
  • Store countless small and individual items in the varied baskets, bins and brackets

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