The GaragaTek system is specifically designed to change as your life changes. The patented wall paneling that is waterproof, bugproof, and strength rated provides permeant flexibility. You can easily slide a cabinet down the wall or move an accessory to the other side of the garage. Just lift, move and place flat to the wall paneling again. The full-length bracket will securely lock into the paneling and ready to handle the heavy load.

The TekPanel also allows you to add storage solutions at any time allowing you ongoing customization. Just started to play tennis? No problem, just order a rack and lock into the paneling. Being flexible in life is important. And having a garage system that allows you to reorganize as needed to meet current needs, is a lifelong solution. Don’t let your future garage organization efforts be constrained by a static system. GarageTek is the clear choice for a system creates a place for everything and keeps everything in its place.