Complete Installation


Many GarageTek customers have attempted to organize their garage in the past with miscellaneous hooks, nails and shelves. Then, they decide they really need a complete solution installed by professionals.

Focus on Precision: After tens of thousands of complete installations, there is nothing GarageTek craftsman cannot handle. From bare studs to cement walls, our experienced team will work with exacting standards to transform your garage. These home remodeling professional have the tools and skills necessary to complete your project on time and to your total satisfaction. The installation process begins by our experienced team removing all items from the walls to prepare the surface for the revolutionary wall paneling.

Personal Paneling for Flexibility

The backbone of the GarageTek garage is TekPanel. This a waterproof, bugproof, slotted wall paneling is the only garage paneling that is strength certified and fire rated by Underwriter’s Laboratories. From ceiling to floor, every inch of the walls become flexible storage space where all fixtures can be locked into the paneling, but also can be easily moved at any time. Unlike other systems where products are screwed directly into the studs of your garage without any future flexibility, our patented TekPanel will give you permanent flexibility.

Total Room Solution

With the wall paneling completed, GarageTek will continue to install your approved design. That may include utilizing the often ignored storage potential of the celling. The patented PowerTrak ceiling system provides a flexible option for bulk, seasonal storage. All items are up and out of the way, yet easily accessible. Finally, the garage floor, commonly the eye soar of the room, is transformed. You select between two slip-resistant and attractive options. The ProTek Floor Tiles with game boards provide unmatched strength and the Prortek Floor Coatings deliver superior durability and longevity. With GarageTek, you get access to our team of talented professionals who take pride in their craft and enjoy using their experience to benefit customers. Get Your Installed Garage System